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Han Dat Company, HADA-CO specializes in creative design and produces spare parts for construction and manufacturing industry with the slogan of "The original point of art and love".

It is the ideal period of time for new and modern architectural projects.

Art iron is considered as the typical product for construction industry, including caltrops, curved patterned iron and the other diversified spare parts.

We can fit up spare parts at balcony or stair. It is more convenient thanks to spare parts for stair designed by skillful ironworkers. Besides, products of flowers, batter steel leaves, cast steel will contribute to beautify your protecting frame or fence.

hoa sắt đèn chùm

Creation and abundant imagination of this artic construction industry have been honoured in the history of blacksmith. For instance, Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, France.

Flower spare parts of art iron are not only used in decoration but also create fresh artistic works, lasting for a permanent beauty at your living area. This helps you enjoy a peaceful life.

hoa sắt trang trí nội ngoại thất

Actually, art iron has been supporting significantly for decorating work. It is a really remarkable and perfect art, considered as a beauty in a photo with curved flower iron frame. Moreover, a small shelf or a clothes – hanger can give you more imagination with plaint iron flowers adorned by lovely petals. Leaves of grape and bamboo, remarked flowers combine together miraculously.

At present, iron flower frame or fence railing is not solitary anymore, but it is more beautiful, designed with iron flowers, iron leaves. There are many kinds of caltrops and spears made by cast steel. Cast steel joint is the main point designed elegantly for living space sticking to the nature.

Do you often enjoy a magnificent scenery on streets?

Yes! All things are not in your imagination anymore but they appear in front of you with edifices, high rise buildings, trade centers and entertainment areas. Entrances and paths help you feel safe and happy.

The course of time keeps passing with you when the product of art iron is created and archieves exploit at architectual works, high – ranking buildings, including construction projects, bringing a new style for a single housing area, closing house with clean and green environment. 

Product of art iron will be permanent once human being always finds out the way to make it easier, more precise and practical for welfare of the people.

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